Question 210 PointsHow can web users limit the ability of online businesses to collect information about their browsing habits?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a rocket science test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Targeting customers based on general characteristics such as age, race, and education is known as market _________, and generates huge volumes of personally identifiable information which can be cross-referenced by commercially available database tools to identify the personal habits of individual customers.distinction
Question 210 PointsHow can web users limit the ability of online businesses to collect information about their browsing habits?install anti-virus software
open sites in new windows
clear browser cache regularly
block third-party cookies
Question 310 PointsWhich factor is least important when selecting companies for collaboration in a distributed workforce?location
Question 410 PointsWhich statement is true?Outsourcing drives up the average wages of American manufacturing jobs.
Many Chinese auto companies manufacture cars in the United States.
Offshoring focuses predominantly on high-skill creative and IT positions.
Offshoring has a net negative impact on the economy of the host nation.
Question 510 PointsStatistics that provide insight into the status of a business are known as information tables
variable transaction records
key performance indicators
financial diagnostic objects
Question 610 PointsThe largest portion of new Internet-connected devices being purchased and used over the next few years is expected to be _______, which will create massive new challenges for web security.laptop computers
“smart” appliances
mainframe servers
mobile phones
Question 710 Points__________ can be used to covertly monitor the physical movements of individuals.QR codes
Wi-Fi access points
GPS devices
Question 810 PointsWhich of these is an example of a function performed by a transaction processing system?sorting products by sales numbers
updating inventory after a delivery
generating end-of-shift sales reports
recording sales at a bookstore
Question 910 PointsA(n) ________ company performs manufacturing and management in a single country but engages in trade with other
Question 1010 PointsWhich privacy scenario would give citizens the right to perform surveillance on government and law enforcement agencies?Full transparency
Full trust
Full anonymity
Full privacy
Question 1110 PointsWhich of the following requires data collectors to notify people when their personal information is shared with other organizations?Notification of Risk to Personal Data Act of 2003
Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1997
Question 1210 PointsAlso referred to as Title III, the ___________ Act establishes procedures for obtaining court authorization to perform real-time surveillance of electronic communication in criminal investigationsUSA PATRIOT
Total Information Awareness
Federal Wiretap
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Question 1310 Points______ software empowered project managers to coordinate teams around the world.Social media
computer-aided drafting
email client
Question 1410 PointsWhat is a risk of full trust privacy scenarios?public availability of personal information enables blackmail
lack of surveillance allows terrorism to go unchecked
governments misuse private information to control citizens
without access to their own records, people cannot find jobs
Question 1510 PointsWhich U.S. privacy-protective law limits and controls the ability of government agencies to share private data they have collected about citizens?Information Protection and Security Act of 2005
Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005
Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) of 1999
Question 1610 Points________ is a form of C2C ecommerce that allows entrepreneurs to offer investment opportunities outside of traditional banking and venture capital models.Crowdfunding
Question 1710 Points_____ hacked an iPhone in 2016 to obtain information about the shooter in the San Bernardino attacks.The FBI
The San Bernardino police department
Question 1810 PointsWhich statement is true?U.S. government agencies are subject to few privacy regulations.
The Third Amendment protects against electronic surveillance.
U.S. law has only recently begun to address privacy concerns.
Regulation of commercial private data handling is increasing.
Question 1910 PointsFacebook uses ________ to build browsing and preference profiles about its users’ activities on non-Facebook sites across the web.self-reporting
super cookies
Like icons
pop-up ads
Question 2010 PointsChicago’s Operation Disruption system uses _______ to perform surveillance in public areas.small autonomous drones
cameras and microphones
high-resolution satellite imaging
Bluetooth antennas
Question 2110 PointsWhich problem-solving stage falls outside of the decision-making process?intelligence
Question 2210 PointsWhich business information system draws information from other business information systems to provide problem-specific information to assist decision makers?management information system
business intelligence system
expert system
transaction processing system
Question 2310 PointsA(n) _________ assists businesses by suggesting ways they can improve their branding and image among potential customers and clients.image correction firm
sock puppet brigade
market adjustment agency
reputation management service
Question 2410 PointsDuring which stage of the transaction processing cycle are tax, shipping, and totals calculated?data manipulation
data editing
data correction
data output
Question 2510 Points_____ are highly valued in distributed workforces, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal waste of time or resources.Project management skills
Frequent status meetings
Fiber-optic networks
Trade secrets
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