What does “justice in the workplace” mean to you? Is it wages? Is it promotions?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need guidance to help me learn.ethics in health :first : We have all been mistakenly prejudged for something by someone, right? What about tthose consequences? chapter 4 page 67 .second NSWER THESE QUESTIONS: – These questions are based on information in the first chapters of our textbook. Please respond with a thoughtful answer to each question of about 250-300 words.
Treating people as individuals is of great importance in health care. Describe how you would like to be treated, and what information would you wish to know about any particular treatment?
What does “justice in the workplace” mean to you? Is it wages? Is it promotions? Is it training opportunities?
What priority would you give people in line for inoculations for COVID 19? Age? Occupations? Prior medical condition..
Intro to research
Assignment 2Read the article titled: Smells like clean spirit: Nonconscious effects of scent on cognition and behavior (Holland, Hendricks, & Aarts, 2005) and answer the following questions. This assignment is due by _______________. Each answer should be (at minimum) an undergraduate-level paragraph in length.1) What are the design elements: (independent variable [IV], and dependent variable [DV]) and operational definitions for all three studies?2) What are the potential confounding variables? 3) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study designs? 4) In what situations might smell influence your behavior?5) Could the activation of other senses (touch, taste, sound, sight) influence behavior and in what ways? 6) What other ways could one measure cleaning-related behaviors (observationally and nonobservationally)? 7) Evaluate each of the four validities that we covered in today’s lecture (Chapter 4) in terms of this article. How “valid” or strong are they? Smells Like Clean Spirit (Assignment 2).pdf. -Cement your research topic – decide which specific phenomenon or behavior you will be presenting your research upon
Bring in three research articles (at minimum) related to the topic that you intend to researchFinally, based on the articles, answer the following questions:1) What are the variables you’re interested in studying? How will you plan on measuring these variables? Clearly define the IV and DV, as well as the operational definition for the DV.2) What scale of measurement do you think your variables will be? (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio) Be sure to list each variable and the scale that is most appropriate for it.3) How do you think you would get your data? Specifically, how would you find participants? What would you have them do?4) What problems can you predict? Honesty? Finding participants? What confounding variables might be present? Any limitations?5) Choose one of your articles for this portion. What is the article you have selected? What are the variables in that study? What were the main findings? What limitations were noted, if any? List the methodological strengths and weaknesses. Also, include the full reference in proper APA format.
Psychology of women: This reflection assignment will assist you in navigating material and gathering your thoughts for the upcoming reflection session. ALL of the prompts below should be answered to the best of your ability. Answers should be your original words, reflect a meaningful thought process and mastery of material. Format: APA style (double spaced, 12 pt. font, times new roman). NO Cover page neededPart One: Gender theories and Angela Davis Please view the video on BB called “A Tangle of Pathology” Please read Parts I and II of Reflections on the Role of Black Women in the Community of Slaves 1. What is the feminist critique of the Moynihan report? 2. Was is possible for an enslaved family to live in traditional gender roles? Explain 3. What is a gender schema? What are some gender schema’s enslaved African children might have developed? Part Two: Socialization in Media Please watch the videos in the BB folder. 4. What are some stereotypes of Asian, Indigenous, and Latina women in media? 5. Reflect on a book you read as a child. What were the messages about gender norms in this book? 6. Apply the Bechdel test (page 206 in text) to a TV show or movie you watch this week. Report what you find and what this reveals about media socialization. I will sent the page for you as soon as possible . Part Three: Gamer GatePlease watch the video and read the article in the BB folder 7. What was #gamergate? How does this intersect with course material?8. What are the depictions of women in video games as outlined by the provided video? Why are these depictions problematic for youth of all genders? APA style (double spaced, 12 pt. font, times new roman). NO Cover page neededPart One: Empowertising Please watch the videos in the BB folder for assignment 5 1. What is “empowertising” and how are the Always and Dove ads examples of this? 2. What are the pros and cons of ads such as these? Part Two: Carl’s Jr, Imperialism and Colorism Please watch the videos in the BB folder for assignment 5 3. Please watch the Carl Jr’s ad. How might this ad be considered as contributing to multiculturism? From an intersectional approach, how might this ad be more problematic as opposed to helpful in eradicating oppression? 4. Play close attention to the setting of the ad and Padma’s commentary on the “west”. What is this ad’s messaging about the differences between the east and west? How might this messaging be a commentary on the colonialism and imperialism of the west? 5. Please watch the video “a brown girls guide to beauty”. What is colorism and how does it relate to the poet’s message? How does the Carl Jr’s ad contribute to a culture of colorism? Part Three: Wearing a HijabPlease read pg. 260 in your text6. What message is the cartoonist conveying in their cartoon on page 260?7. Relate the practice of wearing a hijab to the concept of objectification. 8. Why do you think research has shown that Muslim women in the US who wear hijab have lower levels of self-objectification? Please read Kindred prologue and Pages 1-99. Please reflect on the prompts below and record your reactions, thoughts or feelings in a video journal. You MUST complete ALL prompts. Only I will have access to the journals and all journals will be deleted at the end of the semester. DO NOT recite question before your answer.Video should be 8-10 mins long. Please upload ONLY the unlisted link to blackboard. DO NOT try and upload a video directly to blackboard. I will not be able to view it. 1. Please do a quick google search on Nnedi Okorafor and watch the link below. Where did she grow up? What does Nnedi Okorafor have in common with Octavia Butler and how are they different? You can google Octavia Butler and read about her on page 238 of text. Would Nnedi Okorafor fit into the Combahee River Collective? Why? 2. This novel starts out in 1976. How was the United States doing on race relations, gender relations, and socioeconomic equality? If you were not alive in 1976 ask someone who was and report on their answers. 3. Please describe Dana’s gender identity and gender expression. Use evidence from the text. Evidence can be pictorial or written. Given that Octavia Butler first published Kindred in 1979, how do you imagine a character like Dana was received? 4. Consider Dana’s actions at the river with Rufus and Kevin’s action to Dana when she returns to 1976. Do these actions fit into traditional gender stereotypes? Please address each incident separately and explain your answer. 5. Alice and her husband are attacked by a slave patrol in “The Fire” how did white people play on traditional gender norms and gender stereotypes of the day (1815) to create fear and shame in black men and women alike? Please relate your answer to the event in “The Fire”. 6. Dana’s gender is questioned 5 times in the first 99 pages. Please pick two instances and compare/contrast them. Did Dana’s gender fluidity help her navigate 1800’s or hinder?7. Why do you think the Weylin’s did not insist Dana conform to gender expression of the time? 8. Tom Weylin proposes to Dana that he let her buy her and that her life would be better. This is an example of benevolent racism and sexism. Can you explain why? 9. Please compare and contrast the social/interpersonal/cultural life situations of Dana and Margaret. Whose life do you think is more dignified?
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