Which statement is true?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a rocket science test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Which statement is true?Attributes are stored in fields; instances are stored in records.
A database file typically contains a single record.
The unique identifier of a record is known as a data item
Database fields may not contain special characters.
Question 210 PointsRunning Linux on a virtual machine in the cloud is an example of _________.Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Users as a Service (UaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Question 310 PointsWhich of these gaming platforms allows players to experience augmented reality?Sony Playstation Vita
Microsoft Xbox One
Nintendo Wii
Oculus Rift
Question 410 PointsWhich U.S. privacy-protective law limits and controls the ability of government agencies to share private data they have collected about citizens?Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988
Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005
Information Protection and Security Act of 2005
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) of 1999
Question 510 PointsWhy do ISPs oppose Internet neutrality?Net neutrality prevents ISPs from charging higher bandwidth users higher fees.
Net neutrality would prevent ISPs from operating in multiple states
Net neutrality requires ISPs to give preference to wealthier customers.
Net neutrality forbids ISPs from hiring lobbyists to represent their interests in Congress
Question 610 PointsWhich statement is true?Regulation of commercial private data handling is increasing.
U.S. law has only recently begun to address privacy concerns.
The Third Amendment protects against electronic surveillance.
U.S. government agencies are subject to few privacy regulations.
Question 710 PointsInformation gathered by data mining is output in the form of a _______.report
Question 810 PointsWhich of these is an example of a function performed by a transaction processing system?recording sales at a bookstore
generating end-of-shift sales reports
sorting products by sales numbers
updating inventory after a delivery
Question 910 PointsRelated tables in a relational database must have _______ in common.fields
Question 1010 PointsWhich business information system draws information from other business information systems to provide problem-specific information to assist decision makers?expert system
management information system
business intelligence system
transaction processing system
Question 1110 PointsAlthough Amazon now sells a wide variety of products across the web and around the world, it was originally intended to sell ______.books
streaming video
computer hardware
Question 1210 Points________ is a form of C2C ecommerce that allows entrepreneurs to offer investment opportunities outside of traditional banking and venture capital models.Crowdfunding
Question 1310 PointsWhich factor is least important when selecting companies for collaboration in a distributed workforce?location
Question 1410 PointsFacebook uses ________ to build browsing and preference profiles about its users’ activities on non-Facebook sites across the web.Like icons
super cookies
pop-up ads
Question 1510 Points________ is an example of hardware built specifically to enable augmented reality applications.Microsoft Hololens
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Google Cardboard
Question 1610 PointsAdobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are applications used primarily to create _______.vector graphics
3D models
raster graphics
2D animations
Question 1710 PointsIndividuals who eschew traditional concepts of privacy in order to stream continuous video of their daily lives engage in ________.lifestreaming
social broadcasting
Question 1810 PointsWhich of these is not protected speech under the First Amendment? specific threat made to one individual
a vague threat against unspecified persons
inaccurate eyewitness testimony
embarrassing stories about politicians
Question 1910 PointsWhat is a website designed to provide a platform for one or more individuals to express their opinions and ideas in periodic written posts?blog
Question 2010 PointsBefore an audio file can be played over speakers, it must first undergo __________.Before an audio file can be played over speakers, it must first undergo __________.
analog sampling
digital sampling
analog-to-digital conversion
Question 2110 PointsA popular way to finance new businesses and product ideas online that does not rely on traditional venture capital or bank loans is _________.crowdfunding
Section 419 investment
social indenture
Question 2210 Points.com, .org, and .gov are examples of ___________.top-level domains
address protocols
root servers
three-letter acronyms
Question 2310 PointsA(n) __________ acts as a reference for programmers and database administrators, ensuring that terms and data elements are used correctly.data dictionary
primary key
Question 2410 PointsA(n) _________ assists businesses by suggesting ways they can improve their branding and image among potential customers and clients.reputation management service
image correction firm
sock puppet brigade
market adjustment agency
Question 2510 PointsMusic fans can use _______ to listen to Internet radio programs.their browser
an AM/FM card
a satellite receiver
an HD antenna
Question 2610 Points_____ are highly valued in distributed workforces, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal waste of time or resources.Project management skills
Fiber-optic networks
Trade secrets
Frequent status meetings
Question 2710 PointsWhich of the following requires data collectors to notify people when their personal information is shared with other organizations?Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1997
Notification of Risk to Personal Data Act of 2003
Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Question 2810 PointsWhat is an advantage of consumer photo printers over professional photo printing services?greater control over photos
ink refills are cheaper
many photos can be printed faster
larger images can be printed
Question 2910 PointsWhat is the most popular web server software in use on the Internet?Apache
Question 3010 Points__________ can be used to covertly monitor the physical movements of individuals.GPS devices
QR codes
Wi-Fi access points
Question 3110 Points______ is the trend of online news reporting by ordinary citizens.Social journalism
Life casting
Private newscasting
Pirate radio
Question 3210 Points________ collects and combines information from credit bureaus, public records, and medical and criminal records it has purchased from other personal information services.LexisNexis
Central Intelligence Agency
Internal Revenue Service
Question 3310 PointsWhat mechanism is provided by Android and iOS phones and tablets to prevent children from installing games and apps without their parents’ approval?passcode protection
voiceprint authentication
content filters
debit card authorization
Question 3410 PointsThe CSS3 technique that allows the layout of a website to adapt to the screens of different devices is known as _________.responsive design
adaptive layout
dynamic html
Question 3510 PointsWhich type of digital camera creates digital images with hardware similar to traditional professional-grade 35-mm cameras?digital SLR
action camera
Question 3610 PointsWhat is the primary cause of inaccurate output from a database?inaccurate input
buffer overflows
malformed queries
corrupted tables
Question 3710 PointsIn what way has the Internet empowered ordinary people most?by providing tools and opportunities to publish ideas and opinions to a worldwide audience
by allowing ordinary people to stream movies and music and shop from home
by creating markets that allow clever users to create billion-dollar tech companies
by creating opportunities to pursue higher education from universities on other continents
Question 3810 PointsSQL is an example of a(n) ________ language.data manipulation
data consolidation
query construction
query interpretation
Question 3910 PointsWhat is the output format of a WYSIWYG editor?.html
Question 4010 PointsWhich hardware component allows augmented reality smartphone games to keep track of the device’s orientation in space?accelerometer
front-facing camera
Bluetooth adapter
Question 4110 PointsWhat is the primary difficulty with regulating indecent content on the web?Indecency is a vague and subjective concept.
Powerful lobbies support indecent content producers.
Content on the Dark Web cannot be deleted.
Content filters are not powerful enough yet.
Question 4210 PointsBreaking a table into two or more smaller tables to resolve errors and inconsistencies is called _______.normalization
data integrity
data analysis
cross referencing
Question 4310 PointsWhat is the goal of search engine optimization?to improve a site’s visibility within relevant search results
to increase the percentage of webpages accessible via search
to decrease the processing time of a single web search
to remove visual clutter on a search engine’s main page
Question 4410 PointsWhat is the powerful web development platform used to create web apps such as Google Docs and Google Maps?Ajax
Question 4510 PointsWhich of the following is a database format that is useful for transferring records between applications that may use different database technologies?CSV
Question 4610 PointsAlso referred to as Title III, the ___________ Act establishes procedures for obtaining court authorization to perform real-time surveillance of electronic communication in criminal investigationsFederal Wiretap
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Total Information Awareness
Question 4710 PointsMost in-car digital music players can communicate with the user’s mobile phone using _______.Bluetooth
Question 4810 PointsWhat is a risk of full trust privacy scenarios?governments misuse private information to control citizens
lack of surveillance allows terrorism to go unchecked
public availability of personal information enables blackmail
without access to their own records, people cannot find jobs
Question 4910 PointsEnterprise databases refer specifically to those used by _______ businesses.large
Question 5010 PointsWhich of these is a correctly formatted HTML tag?
Question 5110 PointsA(n) ________ company performs manufacturing and management in a single country but engages in trade with other countries.international
Question 5210 PointsTargeting customers based on general characteristics such as age, race, and education is known as market _________, and generates huge volumes of personally identifiable information which can be cross-referenced by commercially available database tools to identify the personal habits of individual customers.segmentation
Question 5310 PointsWhat is a lights-out data center?a facility that requires no on-site IT staff
an offline back-up facility for business continuity
one that has been taken offline by hackers
a facility that employs cryogenic cooling
Question 5410 PointsA data ______ holds large volumes of data from a variety of sources.warehouse
Question 5510 PointsIncreased information security requires a decrease in ________.convenience and privacy
full-time employment
bandwidth and storage capacity
customer-facing applications
Question 5610 PointsWhat smartphone game used GPS receivers and integrated cameras to introduce millions of players to augmented reality in 2016?Pokemon GO
Angry Birds
Plants vs. Zombies
Question 5710 Points. A(n) _______ retrieves records from a database that match specified criteria.query
Question 5810 PointsA recent trend of offering free online courses from well-respected universities in the United States to thousands of students simultaneously, without providing degree credit upon completion, is known by which acronym?MOOC
Question 5910 PointsWhat legal action was taken against The National Academy of Sciences in response to the planned publication of an article outlining the means and effects of intentional botulinum poisoning of commercial milk supplies in the United States?The article was blocked from publication.
No action was taken against the journal.
The publishers were sentenced to 20 years’ incarceration.
The journal was shut down permanently.
Question 6010 PointsDuring which stage of the transaction processing cycle are tax, shipping, and totals calculated?data manipulation
data editing
data correction
data output
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