Why do a job analysis anyway?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need guidance to help me learn.Javier is an undergraduate Psychology student who is interested in pursuing graduate school. He reaches out to the Psi-Chi advisor, Dr. J, an I/O Psychologist, to explain the differences among sub-fields. She explains that I/O Psychology is unique from other Psychology sub-disciplines because:Group of answer choicesStudents wishing to enter I/O graduate programs tend to need a good GPAPeople graduating from I/O Psychology can go into government or academic jobsIt is founded on the scientist-practitioner modelStudents interested in I/O graduate programs should become members of national psychological organizationsFlag question: Question 2Question 23 ptsArianna is selected as a subject matter expert for a job analysis, she is to do a KSA criticality survey. Her role can best be described as:Group of answer choicesDetermine a list of possible KSAOs that should be considered for the job analysisRate the tasks in terms of their actual criticality for the jobIdentify and rate the degree to which the previously identified KSAOs are actually important for the jobIdentify the tasks that should be considered for the job analysisFlag question: Question 3Question 33 ptsLeo is conducting a job analysis for the role of a fairly standard job – a customer service representative. Which of the following methods would be appropriate, effective, and save some time (practical). Group of answer choicesQuit his job. Why do a job analysis anyway???Conduct 30 SME interviewsPerform 30 “ride-alongs”Distribute the PAQ to 30 job incumbentsFlag question: Question 4Question 43 ptsFor this job analysis data collection method, it is essential that a large number of employees participate.Group of answer choicessurveyInterviewArchivalRide alongFlag question: Question 5Question 53 ptsGrit seems to be the best indicator of job performance in highly competitive jobs, this means that if you use this indicator for a job that requires Grit, you have:Group of answer choicesCriterion relevanceCriterion efficacyCriterion inclusionCriterion contaminationFlag question: Question 6Question 63 ptsEleanor needs to perform a job analysis so that she can select, train, and develop performance appraisal tools for construction workers. Who of the following is the better subject matter expert to speak with?Group of answer choicesLeonardo Dicapriojob analystconstruction company ownerfield supervisorFlag question: Question 7Question 73 ptsSadly, Lupin had to go. The hiring manager for the new Defense Against Dark Arts position at Hogwarts needs to develop an effective task statement. Which of the following is a properly formulated task statement that I can put in my job description (note you don’t need to know anything about Hogwarts to answer this correctly):Group of answer choicesPractically engage students in the classroom to improve their skills in defending against the dark artsKnowledge of the history of the defense against dark artsDemonstrate advanced and skilled defense tactics against dark creatures of every shape and sizeAbility to meet a grim fate in 1 yearFlag question: Question 8Question 83 ptsThe following is an item for a job analysis: A customer is really angry that their flight is delayed! As a negative response, the gate agent would cut the customer off, and tell the person there is nothing they can do, goodbye! A positive response would be to listen and try to understand where they person is coming from, and then trying to solve the problem in a way that works for both the customer and is within the scope of what the gate agent can do.What is this an example of?Group of answer choicesKSAO AnalysisCompetency ModelingTask Criticality SurveyCritical Incidents TechniqueFlag question: Question 9Question 93 ptsJob analysis is a legally defensible way toGroup of answer choicesTo run global business practicesDevelop effective selection, training, and performance appraisal systemsConduct unethical businessTo demonstrate external equityFlag question: Question 10Question 103 ptsA hiring committee is charged with hiring a new leader, and they conclude that the criteria for the job should be that the new hire is a exceptional leader. Unfortunately, this is a remarkably vague criteria that gets at the essence of the job, but doesn’t quite get at all the constructs that make up a great leadership. This is an example of a: Group of answer choicesConceptual criteriaActual criteriaJob criteriaTask criteriaFlag question: Question 11Question 113 ptsRemy has designed a leadership training that focuses on leadership support, leadership vision, and leadership effectiveness. Remy wants as much information as possible about the trainee performance on each dimension following the training, which type of criteria should Remy use? Group of answer choicesActual CriteriaComposite criteriaMultiple criteriaJob CriteriaFlag question: Question 12Question 123 ptsRafael is being evaluated based on the number of minutes he spends with each customer. What type of evaluation is being used? Group of answer choicesPersonality measuresSubjective measuresRelative measuresObjective measuresFlag question: Question 13Question 133 ptsMercedes wants only the very best car sales employees. To evaluate performance, employees will be categorized into specific groups based on their level of performance (e.g., Top, Good, Barely, and Cut, where 25% of employees will be put in each category). This is an example of:Group of answer choicesBehavioral anchoring scaleRelative rankingForce distributionGraphic rating scaleFlag question: Question 14Question 143 ptsAlex is a nurse, and he has to rate the new employees as part of their performance appraisal. On the first day, Nurse Ratched WOWed him with her expertise and skill. Despite her many unsavory deeds over the years, Alex feels Nurse Ratched can do no wrong and rates her as the top employee. This is an example of: Group of answer choicesSimilarity effectContrast errorHalo effectLeniency effectFlag question: Question 15Question 153 ptsDr. Gabriella sees all of her employees as great performers, even if they have some faults! Her performance appraisal ratings of her employees likely suffer from Group of answer choicesContrast errorLeniency errorHalo effectSimilarityFlag question: Question 16Question 163 ptsA company is hiring 2 car salespeople. We know extraversion is key. Which selection battery would be the most ideal (consider practicality, efficiency and covering conceptual criteria appropriately)?Group of answer choicesTwo different measures of extraversion and a work samples testOne measure of extraversion and a structured interview assessing interpersonal skillsOne measure of extraversion and a work samples testTwo different measures of extraversion and a structured interview assessing interpersonal skillsFlag question: Question 17Question 173 ptsWhich of the following is not a selection methodGroup of answer choicesStructured InterviewWork SamplesAssessment CenterInterpersonal skillsFlag question: Question 18Question 183 ptsCongrats – you’ve recruited 60 qualified applicants for the open pre-school director position! Assuming the following selection battery is chosen for the selection process, which predictor should be done last in the process? Hint, think about practicality and how long it might take 🙂 Group of answer choicesPersonality TestsWork SamplesResumeSJTFlag question: Question 19Question 193 ptsWhich of the following is known to often lead to adverse impact?Group of answer choicesWork SamplesCognitive ability testStructured interviewPersonality test of conscientiousnessFlag question: Question 20Question 203 ptsYou are tasked with establishing the validity of a selection procedure, which must be completed as quickly as possible because you need to use it to determine who to select for a job that was already posted! Which approach should you use?Group of answer choicesConstruct ValidityConcurrent validityContent ValidityPredictive validityFlag question: Question 21Question 213 ptsXica is looking for a reliable way to assess openness to experience, given what you know about criterion validity, face-validity, and reliability, of the following is the most preferrable strategy?Group of answer choicesStructured Interview with questions built in to assess openness to experienceThe openness factor on the Big 5 Personality Test with “at work” frame of referenceThe openness factor on the Big 5 Personality TestUnstructured Interview with the interview modifying questions to make sure they can sufficiently assess openness to experienceFlag question: Question 22Question 223 ptsHoda decided that Raylene was not going to be promoted based on her older age. This is an example of:Group of answer choicesDisparate treatmentStrategic foresight4/5 ruleAdverse impactFlag question: Question 23Question 233 ptsRicardo needs to establish that extraversion predicts performance so that he can use it to select applicants in about 1 year. Which of the following is most appropriate?Group of answer choicesEstablish construct validityEstablish predictive validityEstablish concurrent validityConduct a job analysisFlag question: Question 24Question 243 ptsWhich of the following is the strongest predictor of performance across jobs?Group of answer choicesCognitive abilityIntegrityConscientiousnessExtraversionFlag question: Question 25Question 253 ptsVictor is developing a new safety protocol training on proper chemical disposal, risks associated with each chemical, and emergency response practices. Victor wants to make sure trainees pass each part of the training with a knowledge quiz and wants the material to be standardized so it can be rolled out across all 24 chemical plants. Which training program should Victor use?Group of answer choicesBehavioral Modeling TrainingOn-the-job trainingProgrammed instructionSimulationFlag question: Question 26Question 263 ptsNoah is training his sales staff on overcoming objections and interpersonal skills. He thinks the best way to do this is for employees to listen to Noah’s sales calls, practice doing mock sales calls with each other, and then practice doing mock sales calls with Noah, so he can provide feedback. Which training aligns with what Noah thinks will be most effective?Group of answer choicesBehavioral Modeling TrainingLectureProgrammed instructionOrientationFlag question: Question 27Question 273 ptsWhen an organization sends an employee to diversity training that reoccurs 1 time a week, what type of approach is being used? Group of answer choicesclimate-based learningrepetitive learningmassed learningspaced learningFlag question: Question 28Question 283 ptsDarius created a training on food safety handling for a small restaurant in San Jose. At one month following the training, he observed workers for several hours to determine training effectiveness. What best describes what was he assessing?Group of answer choicesReactionsResultsTransferLearningFlag question: Question 29Question 293 ptsWhich of the following best establishes training effectiveness?Group of answer choicesUtility judgementsBehaviorLearningReactionsFlag question: Question 30Question 303 ptsAstronauts for NASA are training to visit Pandora, a distant moon. The journey to arrive there is highly dangerous and the job of flying the spaceship is very safety sensitive. What is the ideal training tool to be used considering how dangerous and safety sensitive the mission is? Group of answer choicesTwo-way lectureSimulatorsBehavioral modelingOn-the-job trainingFlag question: Question 31Question 313 ptsYou want to increase trainee motivation; generally speaking which method would be best suited to do this?Group of answer choicesLectureSpaced LearningE-learningGamificationFlag question: Question 32Question 323 ptsOver-learning may be an effective approach to training because it can increaseGroup of answer choicesinterpersonal skillsaffective reactionsautomaticityutility judgementsFlag question: Question 33Question 333 ptsWhich of the following is untrue about people with low metacognitive skillGroup of answer choicesWill likely gain knowledge with appropriate trainingLikely to self-select into trainingsWill do best with honest feedbackLikely to be overly confidentFlag question: Question 34Question 341 ptsWhat is your favorite content area/chapter we have covered in I Psych?
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